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Gardeners Gold

Gardeners Gold is a biologically friendly liquid fish Hydrolysate that has been cold processed to retain the natural fish oils and trace elements with the benefit of added minerals and carbohydrates.

It has excellent properties when applied as a spray and is an excellent plant and soil microbial feeder.

GoBio Liquid fertilisers contain added minerals that are readily plant available, it is a versatile liquid plant and microbial feeder suitable for most plants.

Gardeners Gold Bottle

Brassica Enhance

Brassica Enhance is a fish hydrolysate based liquid fertiliser. It is manufactured using a unique cold process in order to retain natural fish oils and minerals.

Brassica Enhance boosts the growth of plants, and feeds and activates soil microbes. It contains added carbohydrates, trace elements and minerals which are specific to the needs of Brassica Plants.

Users have noted that Brassica Enhance helps to protect plants from insect attack when applied as a spray.

Brassica Enhance Bottle