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About GoBio

Our Vision

At GoBio our vision is to help our generation and future generations to build a more sustainable planet, through biologically friendly soil solutions and more sustainable farming practices. GoBio invites you on a journey towards a cleaner and greener planet.

About GoBio

Our Story

In the heart of the sunny coastal town of Waikouaiti, Otago you will find GoBio, a company built by a group of like minded individuals who all share a vision to help our planet have a cleaner greener future, and to help retain and restore it for future generations to come.

The GoBio team includes fertiliser specialists who have years of experience in fertiliser manufacturing and blending, particularly in the form of plant and soil feeders. They also boast extensive knowledge in the New Zealand agri-business, having been involved in the handling, blending and distribution of solid fertilisers. 

Home Gardening

Gardeners Gold

Gardeners Gold is a biologically friendly liquid fish Hydrolysate that has been cold processed to retain the natural fish oils and trace elements with the benefit of added minerals and carbohydrates.

It has excellent properties when applied as a spray and is an excellent plant and soil microbial feeder.

GoBio Liquid fertilisers contain added minerals that are readily plant available, it is a versatile liquid plant and microbial feeder suitable for most plants.

Gardeners Gold Bottle

Home Gardening

Brassica Enhance

Brassica Enhance is a fish hydrolysate based liquid fertiliser. It is manufactured using a unique cold process in order to retain natural fish oils and minerals.

Brassica Enhance boosts the growth of plants, and feeds and activates soil microbes. It contains added carbohydrates, trace elements and minerals which are specific to the needs of Brassica Plants.

Users have noted that Brassica Enhance helps to protect plants from insect attack when applied as a spray.

Brassica Enhance Bottle


Hi Rob, We're really pleased we bumped into you on your stand at the West Otago A & P Show in November 2019! 

Great timing for our new hop growing venture in South Otago. 

Please see attached photo. The pole on the far right is the one we used the GoBio Gardeners Gold on, exclusively. The pole beside it is less dense, and had exactly the same growing conditions, apart from your product. The one to the left is quite dense due to 3 of the 8 plants being on established, 3 year old root-stock. We can't wait to see what the yield from the other poles are when they too are 3 years old...!! And all fed on GoBio Gardeners Gold.